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2013  THROUGH JULY, 2016

DATE                      VISITOR’S HOME                                                                                     COMMENT

                                    (if indicated)                                                                                           

12/5/13                                                                                             Thank you for your attentiveness, Christian love and

                                                                                                              compassion.  May God bless you.

12/18/13       Fredericksburg, VA                                             We thank the clergy of St. Nicholas for their work and

                                                                                                             dedication in serving the Almighty.

12/28/13       Waynesboro, PA                                                  [Your cathedral is] filled with the mystery and holiness

                                                                                                             of God.

1/2/14            Moscow, Russia                                                    Thank you for the opportunity to visit your Cathedral while

                                                                                                              so far from home.

1/20/14         Waldorf, MD                                                             Lovely helpers, explain history very well.

                         Maryland                                                                  Thank you for being here.  You are doing very important work.

                        Southbury, CT                                                          Less loud talking in the back!

                       Great Falls, VA                                                           Beautiful church.  Was happy to find it open during the day!

                                                                                                              Thank you.

                                                                                                             Beautiful church building and memorial shrine.

4/23/14     Washington D.C.                                                      I visited this beautiful church on the anniversary of

                                                                                                            my parents’ death.

4/23/14                                                                                         [in child’s printing:] I love Grandpa and Grandma.  It was

                                                                                                          nice visiting.  I liked it.  Happy day in Heven [sic].  Heven [sic]

                                                                                                          is the best.

5/20/14                                                                                       Thanks!  It was a magic experience.

6/14            Branchville, NJ                                                     Amazing!

DATE              VISITOR’S HOME                                                                                    COMMENT

6/25/14      Waynesboro, VA                                                 Beautiful.  Thanks for sharing and for dinner and dessert.

7/5/14        Jeunnette, PA                                                        Thank you for having this church.  I really enjoyed being here.

7/16/14      Ireland                                                                   Thank you for this Russian church in Washington.

7/14/14     Clermont, FL                                                         A gorgeous church!  Thank you!!  Great to photograph.

7/14            Minneapolis, MN                                                 God bless Zene! [St. Nicholas office manager]

8/14           Washington D.C.                                                   Thank you for opening doors for me!

8/13/14    Ukraine                                                                   Thank you for having this outstanding church.

8/16/14    Kaliningrad, Russia                                             Thank you.  I now feel more at peace.

8/27/14                                                                                       Thank you for allowing us to visit this beautiful church.

9/7/14                                                                                         Came as a Catholic guest to pay respects to a close Orthodox

                                                                                                        friend who passed away forty days ago.  The church and the

                                                                                                        service were wonderful and peaceful.  Thank you.

9/8/14     McLean, VA                                                             Catholic visitor wanting to see Orthodox iconography. Beautiful!

9/18/14    Falls Church, VA                                                   Splendid cathedral with very responsive clergy.  Thank you!

9/19/14                                                                                      Superb!  Glory to Jesus Christ!

9/26/14     Washington D.C.                                                It’s an amazing church.

10/12/14                                                                                  Heavenly place!  God bless you!

10/14          Vienna, VA                                                          Lovely, lovely church!

DATE             VISITOR’S HOME                                                                 COMMENT

10/14          Manteo, NC                                            Absolutely beautiful and peaceful atmosphere;  [the following in

                                                                                        Russian:] as if I were back in my homeland.  Thank you!

10/26/14    Serbia                                                   [in Serbian]  Beautiful church!

10/14                                                                           I love this church and its community.  So beautiful!

3/11/14                                                                     [in Russian[  Thank you for this gorgeous church here in the United States.

                                                                                       It is a piece of my beloved homeland, the land of my ancestors…

11/9/14   Alexandria, VA                                    We came here on the fortieth day of our grandmother’s passing to say a

                                                                                     final good-bye and pray.  Thank you for the beautiful place to do so.

12/15/14   Odenton, MD                                     Absolutely breathtaking.  Thank you for the warm welcome.

12/25/14    Poughkeepsie, NY                            Wonderful service.  Thank you for opening your doors to us.

1/1/15        Beograd, Serbia                                  Lovely church, brothers.  Greetings from Serbia.

2/7/15       New Market, NH                                  Beautiful!  Thank you for keeping doors open on Saturday.

2/15           McLean, VA                                            Beautiful.  Such a nice mix of original pieces and the decoration of the

                                                                                        “modern” church in the traditional mode.

2/28/15                                                                     Thank you for the beautiful service and welcome.

3/10/15     Carefree, AZ                                        Sacred art at its finest.

3/22/15     Washington D.C.                               I will be traveling to Russia this summer.  I came to learn about the faith

                                                                                     and was not disappointed.  Thank you.

4/15           McLean, VA                                         It was a joy to venerate the tomb during your Vigil.

6/13/15   McLean, VA                                          A holy temple of God, truly!

DATE            VISITOR’S HOME                                                             COMMENT

8/12/15        Washington D.C.                         I came as a Catholic seminarian with great love for the Orthodox Church.

                                                                                  I pray for our peace and unity in our bond of love in Christ!

8/28/15        Georgia                                         [in Georgian:] Happy feast of the Holy Theotokos to all Orthodox Christians.

9/15               Washington D.C.                         Thank you for being open.

9/26/15                                                                 Many thanks!  It brought me great joy.

10/4/15       Buffalo, NY                                    A blessing to be here on my husband, Stephen’s, birthday.

1/7/16         Serbia                                             Thank you for a wonderful Christmas service.

1/14/16                                                                I really appreciate the way your church is set up inside.  Thank you for

                                                                                 everything.  God bless this church.  I really proud of the Orthodox Church.

1/16           Stavropol’sky Region                  This cathedral is like my homeland.


3/1/16                                                                 This was a tremendous pleasure.  Best wishes to all who serve here. 

                                                                                Many thanks.

3/24          Vienna, VA                                      Beautiful.  Thank you for the wonderful tour.

3/27/16   Pocono Lake, PA                          Thank you for welcoming us.

4/3/16     Boston, MA                                    [child’s printing:] I believe in God.

4/6/16     Hartsdale, NY                                One of the most beautiful services I have attended.  Thank you for a

                                                                              beautiful experience and memory.

4/12/16   Chareriton-le-Port                     Thank you for your explanations.  Your church is beautiful


4/22/16     Rockville, MD                             Otherworldly experience!

5/1/16        Baku, Azerbaijan                                Heartfelt thanks to all clergy of this cathedral for your invaluable

                                                                                       service.  I recently came to Washington from Baku and am grateful for all

                                                                                       you do.  The solace of your church is a great help.  I come to pray for my

                                                                                       parents, husband, children and for myself.  I recently underwent open

                                                                                       surgery and am finding healing here.  It makes me feel very well!

5/1/16        Georgia                                                [in Georgian and Russian:] Christ is risen!  Thank you to this cathedral

                                                                                       and its clergy.

6/5/16      Washington D.C.                                  May God bless all your fine work.

6/4/16      Saskatoon, Canada                             Thank you for bringing the extraordinary icon of Panayia to us!

6/9/16      McLean, VA                                          Thank you!  Awesome, Beautiful, Powerful

7/2/16                                                                       Thank you for our wedding day!

7/8/16                                                                       Lovely space—so spiritual!

7/24/16    Washington D.C.                                Just moved to D.C.  Thank you for beautiful service!


Comments from St Nicholas' Log, February-March 2014

Cambridge, N.Y.:   “We love this place where there is peace and Freedom.”

Washington D.C.   “Thank you for bringing me to God.”

Dayton, Ohio:       “Glory to God.”

Washington D.C.   “Thank you for being so open to teach.”

Brentwood, TN.:   “Lovely church. Beautiful icons. Helpful guide.”


9/14    "Beautiful baptism.  Thank you for hosting us."

9/8     "Wonderful!"

9/8      "Majestic mass!!  Thank you for welcoming me."
8/24    "Beautiful!!"

8/18/13  "Thank you for letting me spend time here at our national cathedral.  It is beautiful"

8/13   "Thank you for opening doors for us to pray.  We came from far and you made us feel welcomed."

8/8      "We love to worship here.  Thank you."

7/13    "Many thanks...for arranging a visit and flowers for my wife's birthday."             

             "All of our guests complimented the stunning Cathedral and the moving service and choir."

4/13    "I love it here.  Intend to return next Sunday."
2/13   "I had the opportunity to visit and photograph your lovely cathedral last Saturday and will share my photos with you.
           Thank you so much."
6/13      "...We thank you for a beautiful Friday afternoon at St.Nicholas Cathedral .  We are grateful for your fatherly attention, wise words and encouragement in the faith..."
             "I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time out the other day to talk to my  sister-in-law and I
                                   about St. Nicholas, the icons in the church, the history of the OCA and Orthodoxy in general.  You really
                                   made us feel incredibly welcome..."


5/13     "What a stunningly beautiful Cathedral!  Thank you so much for sharing your day and your church with us.  The children were delighted.      Many have expressed awe at the icons and at being able to light a prayer candle.    ...What a fabulous way to see, hear, touch, and enjoy a connection to our learning of Russia.  It was also a nice opportunity for the children to think about and share their knowledge of church, the Bible, and God – and to become aware of this real connection they have to the Russian Orthodox Church.  You were so pleasant and welcoming to the children today, and for that we can’t thank you enough.  (We know they were rowdy!)    - From The Kindergarten teachers at NPS
5/13   "I was very glad that, through God's mercy, I had the opportunity to pray in your splendid church.  It is wonderful
          that the doors of your church are always open.  Thank you for all your help and attention."
 6/13     "Thank you so much for meeting with me and allowing me to interview you...
                                                                      I learned a lot that will definitely help me with my project."
5/13      "Thank you for meeting us for our school project interview...the rich tradition of Orthodoxy is much
                                  better understood now..."
4/13    "I wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to teach the group from our church
                                  a little bit about your faith...They were amazed by the church and the iconography...  I especially
                                  appreciate when we, as Christians, can share our faith with one another..."
2/13     "I would like to express my deepest thanks to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to welcome
                                   our group into your church, for spending time with us and for sharing with us your knowledge of our
                                   Eastern Christian faith.  The warmth of your reception made a lasting impression on all of us..."
6/13   "Thank you for the tour and your hospitality."
from Food for Others:   "Thank you for your generous donation of 211 pounds of food in support of Food for Others...Our
                                   newest program aims directly at elementary school children who get little to eat between Friday's
                                   school lunch and Monday's school breakfast..."

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