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The Dormition Guild has traditionally worked for the up-keep of our Cathedral vestments.  Often priests purchase their own vestments but over the years St. Nicholas, in order to provide for the many clergy (bishops, priests and deacons) who serve with us, has acquired sets of vestments.  In the mid to late 1990’s the Dormition Guild became aware that some of the sets were rapidly approaching a time where mending and cleaning would just not suffice.  It then undertook the enormous task of acquiring a complete array of vestments--sets of vestments for our expanding number of clergy and altar servers in all the colors required by the liturgical calendar.  Donations were solicited and in the early 2000’s we were ready to purchase.  About this time Father Constantine was scheduled to make a trip to Moscow.  We were able to contract with Sofrinos, the primary supplier for the Russian Orthodox Church, and Father Constantine hand carried the funds with him to Moscow and was able to spend time identifying and choosing the fabrics.  The vestments arrived in installments over many months; first blue followed by white, white-gold, red, green, purple, and gold.  It was, in fact, a long time before we received all the sets of vestments that had been ordered.  It was also at this time that we received a blessing from the Metropolitan to allow our altar servers to wear cassocks under their vestments.  The Guild also began purchasing cassocks for the children and adult altar servers at the Cathedral.  Shortly after we received the sets of vestments, the Guild decided to replace the summer lightweight vestments, as all those that had arrived from Moscow were fairly heavy and not practical here in our humid summer months.  Fabric and trim were purchased through Lalame in New York and Mrs. Olga Polivanov (Memory Eternal), who had been making and repairing vestments for our Cathedral for many years, began the enormous task of completing the final set of vestments.  Unfortunately, she was unable to complete these but Alexander Woodill took over and the most recent set of vestments (white and gold) were constructed.  Many people gave of their time, talents, and treasures to see this project completed.  In the end, it was through the goodness of the entire St. Nicholas Parish that this auspicious task was accomplished.

Lisa Mikhalevsky
Vestment Committee Chair

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